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Meet Our Audiologists

When you become a patient at Audiology Experts, you become a part of a family with a long and special history. It is incredibly rare for two audiologists to start a practice from scratch together. Drs. Fell and Robbins wouldn’t have it any other way and we can’t wait until you join our family!

Lisa B. Fell, AU.D.

Lisa B. Fell, Au.D.

Professionally, Dr. Fell wants Audiology Experts to be the practice of choice when it comes to expert, compassionate, and complete hearing and communication management. She feels strongly that being accessible and open is essential to a good doctor-patient relationship, and makes every effort to know the people (and families) she serves. Her mission is to help people with hearing loss understand more with less effort in as many situations as possible.

Dr. Fell has observed that better hearing can improve confidence, social function and quality of life. She recognizes that there are many hearing options (both good and bad) available to consumers today, and she believes that her practice offers a caring and reliable source to help people sort through the options to find what is best for their communication needs, lifestyle and budget.   

Personally, Dr. Fell loves being an audiologist, and her enthusiasm and passion for her field are apparent every day whether she is in her office seeing patients or at a workshop gaining the latest information on hearing innovations.

Dr. Lisa B. Fell has proudly co-owned and operated Audiology Experts with Dr. Robbins since 2008. Dr. Fell began her audiology career in 1998 after completing her master’s degree at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. In 2004, while maintaining a full work schedule, she earned a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degree from Arizona School of Health Sciences Center. She is now Board Certified in Audiology and a member of both state and national audiology associations.

Immediately prior to founding Audiology Experts, Dr. Fell worked as a clinical audiologist for eight years in an ear, nose, and throat physicians’ office in Arlington, Texas. There, her responsibilities included evaluating hearing for patients of all ages and fitting them with hearing aids. Before working in the medical setting, Dr. Fell worked for two years at a hearing aid dispensing practice in Dallas.

Dr. Fell's family includes her husband, a software developer and their two children. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family, socializing with friends, and eating Mexican food.

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Kristin Robbins, AU.D.

Kristin Robbins, Au.D.

Dr. Robbins maintains that success with amplification comes from the partnership you develop with your audiologist. She has lived and worked in the Arlington/Fort Worth area since 1997. As she has worked in this area for so long, she has developed many personal relationships with patients and their families as she has cared for them. Dr. Robbins is able to work with both pediatric and adult patients and tailors the solution each patient needs to their change of hearing or situation. 

 It has been noted by numerous patients, that Dr. Robbins has a passion for audiology and for helping her patients. Her enthusiasm is evident as she listens to her patients and determines how technology can be used to best suit her patients’ needs in the environments that are most important to them (family, work, socially, or church to name a few). Her goal is to reconnect her patients to the people they want to hear most: spouses, children, grandchildren, friends, and coworkers.

Dr. Kristin Robbins, co-founder of Audiology Experts, is a Board Certified Audiologist. She attended Texas Tech University and completed her Bachelor of Science, graduating Cum Laude, and Master of Science at the TTU Health Sciences Center. She later received her Doctor of Audiology degree at the Arizona School of Health Sciences. She is an active member of state and national audiology associations.

Dr. Robbins has established many professional relationships with physicians over the years. She has experience in medical audiology after working in an ENT setting for over 8 ½ years.

Dr. Robbins has been happily married since 1997. She and her husband have 2 children who keep them busy with their activities. She loves to scrapbook and loves chips and salsa!

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

"The bicros system hearing aid has made a big change for me. I used to avoid going places or sitting in areas where people would be on my left side because I couldn't hear with that ear. Now I don't have to worry about that. The bicros aid makes it much easier to hear from my left side. It's still amazing to me how it transfers the sound to the right ear, but it does." Jim P., Arlington, Texas | Read More Testimonials

"Finally, experts who listen and hear what a patient is saying. Drs. Robbins and Fell are the best. They really do care. They are accessible whenever you need them.  Honest, straightforward and trustworthy, I wouldn't go anyplace else to hear." Judy Flynn, Arlington, Texas | Read More Testimonials

"Dr. Fell is outstanding. I've been seeing her for about 4 years. She has helped me tremendously and she is an excellent audiologist. I would recommend her to everyone." Steve Clark, Fort Worth, Texas | Read More Testimonials

"I love my new hearing aids. The first day was shocking and I felt that I probably would not keep the aids, however, I am better at inserting the aids and I am more comfortable. I have been to several social functions and it has been wonderful to hear well. I have a new  hearing life.  Ella Rew | Read More Testimonials

"Hi All - I knew that you were the best, but it was great to see you get the recognition for what you do every day (i.e., Best of the Best in Arlington).  Congratulations!" Kelsey D. (Happy and hearing client), Arlington, Texas | Read More Testimonials